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The Flu This Year Is No Joke

Ryan Hayden • December 10, 2022

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My family is (I hope) in the final stages of dealing with this year's flu virus and I just want to say for the record that that was the worst seasonal sickness that I can remember. For our family at least, it was FAR worse than COVID.

Pounding headaches. Shortness of breath. Severe coughing. Body aches. Days of intermittent fevers and chills. It was awful.

I mean, I had two days this week were I barely felt good enough to read. On Wednesday, I probably spent 18 hours in bed.

My wife thought I was being a baby. Then it caught up with her and she spent two days in bed and seemed even more miserable than me.

Three of the five children have had it two (the two oldest seem like they missed it this time.)

I'm grateful we are coming through it BUT THAT STUNK.

Now, all that being said I personally would rather deal with a week like this every year than have to wear a mask, social distance and the like. I think prior to 2020 we just expected to get sick with some regularity and I'm on team lets go back to that.

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