An Update on Noah - 10-04-22

Ryan Hayden • October 4, 2022

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Noah had a biopsy on his kidney today at St. Louis Children's Hospital. We stayed in St. Louis overnight and reported to the hospital this morning at 8:30am.

When he got into his pre-op room, they put him in the hospital pajamas. Apparently, they only make them in like two sizes: huge and tiny. He's wearing the tiny ones.

There were some complications with the biopsy and he was bleeding internally for a little more than an hour. But after a lot of hand-wringing, it stopped on its own and his blood pressure almost immediately went back to normal without the need for a transfusion or even for medicine.

Currently, we are in a room on the 11th floor with a fantastic view over Forrest Park. Noah has to lay flat for several more hours, but he's enjoying watching movies and playing video games. He's telling me now how he doesn't feel out of it.

The doctors and nurses here have been great. We should know preliminary results from the biopsy by the morning.

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