November 22, 2022

Rules for preaching: It's not about you

I plan on writing a series of posts on my ten rules for preaching. These are just my rules. They are some things I've learned about preaching that I try to apply to my own ministry. If I were to...


October 29, 2022

What I've Been Up To

A month ago, I spent a few days in a children's hospital with my son. I had a lot of time to think, and these or some of the things I thought: Its been three years since I worked on a project...


October 6, 2022

Noah Update 10-6-22

We are on the road heading home from Noah's Biopsy and lots of people are asking for an update and results so here you go. We were hoping that the biopsy would confirm that Noah had something called...


October 4, 2022

An Update on Noah - 10-04-22

Noah had a biopsy on his kidney today at St. Louis Children's Hospital. We stayed in St. Louis overnight and reported to the hospital this morning at 8:30am. When he got into his pre-op room,...


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