September 6, 2023

On Traditions And Change

Many of my friends over the years have abandoned the traditional Baptist churches they grew up in. While some of them have ended up in other healthy evangelical churches, a large group of them have...


August 29, 2023

If you are going to have standards...

I have absolutely zero problem with people who have high standards. If you have made rules for yourself, your family or your ministry about: How to dress What music to listen to What books to...


August 26, 2023

Kindle Scribe Review

The Kindle Scribe is just a massive Kindle that you can write on with a stylus. I already have something very similar (the reMarkable 2). So why did I purchase a Kindle Scribe? I read a lot. 90%...


August 23, 2023

Why your pastor has that edge

When I was a younger man I remember getting around middle aged pastors and thinking “what is wrong with these people?” Many of them seemed to have a chip on their shoulder. The ones I was...